Tuesday 13 Apr, 2010

Fundraising ideas

Paying for an educational tour can be daunting so many of our groups apply for student travel scholarships and look for fundraising ideas to help pay for their tours.  Fundraising is a great way to make the trip more affordable for more of your students.  Because fundraising teaches organization and cooperation, it also enhances the educational value of the entire experience.  I put together the top five fundraising success stories I’ve heard to help other groups kickoff their efforts.  Enjoy!

  1. A group in Montana does an annual pie auction.  Every year the students bake homemade pies, and they have a professional auctioneer help auction them.  Each one goes for $300 or more!
  2. A group leader from Michigan raised $6,000 from sending out corporate sponsorship letters.  She received donations back from her dentist, real estate agent, a car dealership and her sorority’s foundation.
  3. Many groups have held successful yard sales (some have raised up to $4,000 in one day).  This is a great group activity because families who cannot contribute monetarily can still donate items to the yard sale.
  4. Another common fundraiser is to hold a spaghetti dinner.  The most successful one I heard about had all of the food donated, sold $10 tickets in advance and they also had prizes donated to raffle off during the dinner.  Because the group didn’t have to pay for anything up front (they held the dinner in their school), they made over $5,000!
  5. A group leader from Illinois holds a middle school dance every year to raise money for their trip.  Her school does dances once a month, so for the month of November the ticket and concession stand proceeds go directly to the school’s annual trip fund