Wednesday 2 Jun, 2010

America’s most interesting hotels

As I was researching places to go for my own travels, I came across an article that lists America’s most interesting hotels.  From the the dog lover’s dream hotel (complete with a fire hydrant toilet) in Cottonwood, Idaho, to various hotels in trees, it seems like hotels have come up with something to offer anyone.  My favorite from the list is Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Key Largo, Florida.  To stay at this hotel, you first need to scuba dive down to your room; it sounds like you’re traveling to Atlantis!  This hotel was actually an underwater laboratory, La Chalupa research laboratory, which is located 21 feet underwater.  Once in their rooms, guests can look out the window to see parrotfish, anemones, angelfish and barracudas.

Another favorite hotel of mine listed is the LibertyHotel in Boston, where EF Explore America’s headquarters are located.  This swanky new hot spot is actually a jail turned upscale hotel (the old Charles Street Jail to be precise, which housed famous inmate Malcom X) .  Liberty’s cleverly named restaurants, CLINK, Alibi and Scampo, offer some of the trendiest dining in Boston.  It’s quite a different atmosphere at the Liberty from some of the other top ten hotels listed, like the Quaker Square Hotel in Akron,Ohio, where you can sleep in the silos that once held your breakfast cereal.

Images from the Liberty Hotel and CLINK in Boston, MA