Wednesday 8 Jun, 2011

World Ocean Day – The Smithsonian Way

Today is World Oceans Day  – a UN recognized day to honor what the ocean provides – and most importantly build awareness of the hundreds of endangered species that live in the seas and need to be protected.  

The Ocean Project, an international network of 1200 partner zoos, aquariums and museums spearhead World Oceans Day. Apart from engaging more than 300 million visitors to the network’s institutions, the consortium organizes events and efforts in conjunction with the World Ocean Day:


Michael Lang / Smithsonian Institution

So is Smithsonian celebrating this special occasion in style? Absolutely!

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History has launched a new informative and entertaining oceans website centered around the theme of oceans. Called the “Ocean Portal,” the site gives users a chance to learn about fascinating species that rule the seas like the giant squid and the white shark. They can also delve into the historic timeline of oceans and see what’s current in marine research. The site also provides a robust educators’ corner, as well as insights into the ways everyone is impacted by and impacts the world’s oceans.

And this year, the Smithsonian celebrated World Oceans Day on a different level with a flash – no splash – mob.  When the clock struck noon, the staffers at the museum got together to recreate Bobby Freeman’s ‘The Swim’ and performed to a sound track aptly called ‘Surf’.

If you’re interested exploring all the wonders of the oceans, weltands and other marine environments up close, check out the Florida Marine Biology Adventure tour!