Wednesday 22 Aug, 2012

Top 10 Must-Do, Must-See, Must-Eats of Hawaii


Rachael takes a break from checking out hotels, restaurants, activities and other venues for a quick photo on the beach.

Happy state-hood to the Hawaiian Islands! In honor of the Island State becoming the 50th state in the union, Operations Area Manager Rachael Lewis shared her top 10 Hawaiian experiences. (That’s her to the right.)

Among the many ways Rachael and her team make EF Explore America tours safe, smooth and unforgettable, is traveling to our tour locations like Hawaii to make sure our hotels, restaurants, activities and sites are all top-notch. (It’s okay to be a little jealous.)

Without further ado, here are….

Rachael’s Top 10 Must-Do, Must-See and Must Eats for Hawaii!

1.      Twirling Maori poi balls at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

2.      Eating Kahlua pig, taro rolls, and fresh pineapple while taking in the cultural heritage of the Pacific Islands at a luau.

3.      Swimming with green sea turtles at a Punaluu Black Sand Beach.


Look closely, Rachael caught a double rainbow!

4.      Learning about the Hawaiian language, their ancestry, and their spiritual connection with nature.

5.      Rainbows!!!! There are always rainbows all the time and even double rainbows! The background of my phone is of a double rainbow over Waikiki Beach.

6.      Eating colorful Shave Ice (not shaved ice) with mac nut ice cream topped with li-hing-mui  powder (plum powder) on the North Shore of Oahu.

7.      Hiking the .75 miles up Diamond Head and then taking in the incredible view of Honolulu and Waikiki Beach from the crater’s edge.

Plate lunch for hungry travelers.

8.      Eating Plate Lunch—one entrée, two scoops of rice, macaroni salad or slaw, served on one plate. Rainbow Drive-In is a tour favorite for plate lunch.

9.      Relaxing on Waikiki Beach and then doing some souvenir shopping at the International Marketplace.

10.  Getting a lei! We do a real flower lei greeting when the groups arrive at the airport. It’s so cool and the flowers smell amazing!




Discover a “Hawaii Top 10” list of your own, and experience the history, nature and culture of the Aloha State with your students! Check out our tours to Hawaii.