Thursday 4 Oct, 2012

Stories from the Road: Brandon’s Puerto Rico Adventure

Brandon, a middle school student from Tennessee, got a taste of la vida de isola (island life) this summer when he traveled to Puerto Rico with his Spanish teacher and fellow classmates. Here’s Brandon’s adventure and his awesome photo collages. Muchas gracias, Brandon!



Day One

My first day  in Puerto Rico was full of fun and new experiences. Right when I got off the plane , waited an hour and stepped outside into the tropical heat that Puerto prepared for me, I instantly knew I was not in Tennessee. The different feel was amazing and the food that was served was muy bien! Topping that off, we went salsa dancing and I learned from a native Puerto Rican. My partner and I were given the title as the best amateur salsa dancers…


Day Two

Today we did lots of touring and sightseeing. We visited El Moro, old San Juan, and La Plaza de Americas. El Moro was a really interesting place with its old design and stone structure, it took me back to the old, old days of Puerto Rico. Old San Juan was cool. La Plaza de Americas was the nicest mall I’ve ever been to.  We met two friendly people and had a blast with both of them.

Day Three

Today was a swimming day. My first experience in a rainforest was amazing. The waterfall was  very pretty but the water was super cold, which is why I got in at the very last minute. The kayaking and the phosphorescent bay was really cool. It was a fun day overall.

Day Four

Today was the cave day. We took a little car through some of the rainforest. We took a cool tour through the cave. We saw some really strange but cool rock formations. We left the cave and went to a restaurant that helped some of us open up to the others. We soon began to realize we were leaving the next morning.

Day Five

Today was the last day. All of us did not want to leave Puerto Rico. We had so much fun! It was sad to say our goodbyes and tell the enchanted island “Adios, hasta luego”. The trip was one of the best times I’ve ever had.

And one more picture of the group… and the food!