Tuesday 12 Mar, 2013

US Historic Landmarks: An ocean away in Puerto Rico

Old San Juan

Puerto Rico is known for many things. It’s known for the lush, tropical landscape that covers the island; for the food whose recipes have been passed down from generation to generation; and…for being old.

But with age comes a certain type beauty that’s unparalleled to  anything else. And today, the U.S. designated two sites in Puerto Rico National Historic Landmarks.

The first one, Old San Juan is the only existing depiction of what a 400-yea-old Spanish colonial city looked like. It’s the oldest city in the U.S. and its territories; it is home to the oldest house, convent and military defenses; and is a symbol of four centuries worth of Spanish heritage.

Second is the Casa Concha Melendez Ramirez residence in El Condado. Honoring Dr. Melendez, who was the co-founder of the Hispanic Studies Department at the University of Puerto Rico, she was known as an incredible intellectual who rubbed elbows with Pablo Neruda among many others. She was also designated Woman of the Year in 1971 by the Union of American Women.

Both of these sites are true treasures of history and heritage, and deserve to be visited any time you find yourself in Puerto Rico.

Does anyone have any experience with visiting either of these two sites?