Thursday 31 Oct, 2013

A Look Inside America’s Haunted Houses

History of Halloween and Haunted Houses

Of all the places that become haunted, the house is the most popular dating back several thousands of years. Rumor has it; the ghost doesn’t like a human living in their house and will do anything to scare them away. Because of its correlation with ghosts, the haunted house is closely associated with Halloween and is a popular attraction during the month of October.

Haunted Houses Around The Country

1. Terror behind the walls (Philadelphia): After visiting the Liberty Bell and Franklin Tower and other historic Philadelphian sites – stop by Eastern State Penitentiary during your student tour to Philadelphia and be prepared to be scared senseless. This former prison is now an 11-acre haunted horror, scaring both kids and adults during the Halloween season.

2. Nightmare New England (New Hampshire): Situated along the banks and forest of the Merrimack River, this scream park has been called one of the scariest in the country. With five haunted attractions and countless other options, this is the go-to place in New England.

3. Blackout (NYC): Not for the feint of heart (or anyone under the age of 18), this haunted house plays by its own rules. You must go in alone. You’re not allowed to talk. And you must wear a protective mask at all times. This haunted house is a popular choice for anyone visiting NYC, but be prepared to be scared silly.

4. Erebus (Michigan): This 4-story haunted house features over 30,000 square feet of space and 70 actors. According to their website things will grab you, bite you and land on top of you, all before burying you alive.

Fun Haunted House Facts:

  • There are an estimated 2,000 haunted houses in America
  • The average ticket price in America is $15
  • Over 80% of all haunted attractions across America are operated by a charity or help to benefit a charity of some sort.

Fun Halloween Facts

  • Snickers is the number one choice to pass out for trick-or-treating
  • Boston, MA holds the record for the most Jack O’Lanterns lit at once (30,128)
  • October 30 is National Candy Corn Day
  • In Hollywood, there’s a $1,000 fine for using Silly String on Halloween
  • Jack O’ Lanterns were originally made from turnips