Monday 6 Jan, 2014

Destinations In-Depth: A look at our most recent Tour Enrichment programs

There are certain places you have to visit when you’re in a new city.

In Washington, D.C., there are the monuments, memorials and museums. In New York City, there is Broadway, the Empire State Building and 5th Avenue. In Boston there’s Faneuil Hall, Beacon Hill, Harvard Square and the Old North Church.

And the list goes on.

Students learning the ropes outside of D.C.

Students learning the ropes outside of D.C.

At EF Explore America, we’re always looking for new ways to help students connect with the places they’re visiting. There’s no better example than our most recent Tour Enrichment programs.

These one- to two-day programs provide groups with activities they would never typically experience and were chosen as a way to complement the tour with unique experiences that moves beyond the expected– from zip lining in D.C., to urban farming in Brooklyn’s Navy Yard.

Doing things differently

You’ll see the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument in D.C. But you’ll also zip line through the forest and participate in a high ropes course challenge.

In New York City, you’ll visit the Empire State Building and stop by Times Square. And then you’ll head on over to Brooklyn and discover a 65,000 square foot farm in the sky that’s helping provide fruit and veggies to the largest borough in NYC.

When you’re in Philadelphia, after checking out Independence Hall, you’ll discover more about all the street murals you’ve seen during your trip and even meet an artist responsible for them.

Whatever Tour Enrichment you choose, these experiences will give your students a whole new perspective and provide some fun stories to share once they return home.

Created by experts

These activities were all created by the staff at EF Explore America and were chosen for their distinctive opportunities. With Tour Enrichment programs in D.C., NYC, Boston, Cape Cod and Philadelphia, you have the opportunity to see your destination in a whole new light.

Visit our website to learn more about our Tour Enrichments or to add one on to your trip, call 1.800.503.2323.