Wednesday 5 Feb, 2014

ABCs of Fundraising: Part 2

You’ve set your goals, decided who’s managing the money and delegated a parent, student or committee to take charge of the fundraising.

Getting Started with Fundraising

Now we get into the exciting part – choosing the activity (or activities if you’re feeling really motivated)!  With tips and ideas from some of our experienced Group Leaders, we hope this serves as a creative springboard to get your travelers excited to start earning money for their tour!

The type of fundraiser your group chooses is going to depend on how you want to raise the money.  Here are three of the ways we separate out fundraising ideas for your student trip to give you a starting point for finding those that are most relevant to how your group wants to approach it:

  • Individual fundraisers
  • Group fundraisers
  • Product sales fundraisers

Individual fundraisers

These ideas are great for your travelers to take ownership of on their own.  If schedules just won’t come together or if there is a small group of students who want to fundraise, this could be the go-to set of ideas.

Activity: Sponsor-an-hour

“It’s as easy as hitting print,”  says experienced Group Leader Jim C. Jim creates a breakdown of the itineraries for his students and then they find family members, friends or businesses to sponsor an hour (or sometimes a whole day!) on the tour.  For an extra donation, students send postcards while on tour.  “People love to get these postcards,” says Jim.  For him, it’s the only fundraiser he does and with sponsor-an-hour, the students get out what they put in.  He has had students raise more than $800 and one student was able to fund his entire trip!

Group fundraisers

These activities are perfect if a larger number of students want to fundraise for tour.  And it doesn’t hurt that it is a great way to sharpen their organizational and teamwork skills!

Activity: Fundraising Carnival

This out-of-the-box activity is brought to you by Group Leader Casey B., who after holding two fundraising carnivals, had a net profit just shy of $10,000! Ready to hear more?

Casey suggests spreading the carnival planning responsibilities among travelers and their parents.  Each traveler/parent pair is in charge of a room at the fundraising carnival.  Favorite activity rooms include the ring toss, black jack, prize fishpond and face painting.  And instead of handling cash at every room, this carnival uses punch cards.  One punch gets you a try at the games, a food item or a turn at activities like playing on the inflatables.  It takes about two months of planning, but the carnival definitely pays off!

Product sales fundraising

This is a good option for those want to make a more tangible exchange.  Whereas a lot of the individual fundraising activities can incorporate different bartering serives, product sales allows for a more 1:1 business exchange.  There are a variety of companies out there that you can work with on selling products, but below is a quick sell which can help you get some money fast.

Activity: Selling ads

The beautiful thing about selling ads is that there are always opportunities to incorporate them in materials.  Is your school putting on a theater production?  Why not sell space in the program to local businesses for supporting your trip?  Any event is a good starting point to sell these spaces.  Other ideas could include an upcoming talent show or a school-sponsored movie night.

Just remember – never be afraid to ask! One Group Leader says that’s her number one rule for fundraising! Whether you are seeking cash, donations or just someone’s time to help with a fundraiser, don’t worry that someone may say “no.” (And you’ll be surprised how often you hear “yes!”)

Tune in next week as we continue to provide additional fundraising activities to help you keep those creative wheels turning to find your group’s best fit for having a successful fundraiser for your educational tour!  

Looking for more in the meantime? Check out our page on scholarships, grants and other fundraising resources!