Wednesday 5 Mar, 2014

Will paint for travel: A fundraising story part 2

In our last post, Connecticut art teacher and Group Leader, Patrick S., walked us through how his students use their painting skills to create custom artwork that they sell to help fundraise for their educational tour to the Grand Canyon.

This week, Patrick explains how this fundraiser has helped his students sharpen their real-world skills and better prepare them for their future endeavors.

Practice makes perfect!

Painting by student Linnea R.

Painting by student Linnea R.

By working on these paintings, Patrick’s students are drastically sharpening their ability to paint beautiful scenes quicker and quicker.  For their first painting, students can spend anywhere from one to three weeks.  By the time they get to their third painting, most students are able to paint their chosen scene in about half the time!

On top of raising money for their tour and improving their skills, it empowers students by showing what they are truly capable of doing on their own.  They recognize this is something they can do on their own to take control of a situation where they need to work towards what they want.

Develop a standout portfolio

Painting by student Emma L.

Painting by student Emma L.

For Patrick’s students that apply to university art programs, they have to develop a portfolio showcasing the work they have created over the past few years.  By creating these paintings to raise money for their educational tour, students are setting themselves up to stand out from the pack when their portfolios are reviewed for college admission.

Lead through example

Just because something hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean it’s impossible!  By selling their custom paintings to raise money for tour, Patrick’s students are setting the precedent at their school.  They are the ones who are laying the groundwork to show it is possible for future art students to go on tour by working hard and starting early.

Patrick’s unique fundraiser has truly empowered his students.  By setting a goal and working towards it, his students have risen to the challenge and are not only gaining valuable practice in honing their painting skills, but also learning some great real-world skills to keep them one step ahead of the game.

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