Wednesday 23 Jul, 2014

3 Ways to Relive History in Québec City

The Plains of Abraham in Quebec City

The Plains of Abraham in Québec City were the setting for several key events in Canadian history.
(photo: Jason Carter via CC)

Like all EF Explore America trips, student trips to Québec are a chance not just to learn about history, but to experience it firsthand. Nothing fits that bill quite like the Plains of Abraham.

The Plains of Abraham is a historic park in Québec City that was the site of many significant battles and events, none bigger than the Battle of the Plains of Abraham between the British and the French on September 13, 1759. Today the area is a beautiful sprawling green space where tourists and locals can relax, play, attend outdoor concerts, and just enjoy the scenery.

It’s also a place for fun in-depth learning. On the Bonjour, Québec tour, the Plains of Abraham workshop lets students travel back in time. Groups participate in one of three interactive presentations, seeing what life was like during key moments in the area’s history.

In “The Military” workshop, students get to prepare a cannon, learn about the strategies employed in battle, and see historical artifacts like regimental flags, drums and officers’ uniforms.

In “Solider for a Day,” students experience life as an early 19th-century soldier. They go up into Martello Tower, interact with a soldier from that time (i.e., a costumed presenter), and see cannons, ammunition and furniture from the period.

Finally, the “Odyssey” workshop is a multimedia exhibition that leads students through the area’s 400-year history. With military uniforms, scale models and a virtual tour led by historical figures, the students’ journey takes them as far back as the birth of New France in the early 1600s.

No matter which workshop, the Plains of Abraham experience is always a big highlight for students on the Bonjour Québec tour, and it’s easy to see why. When history comes to life, learning does too.