Monday 4 Aug, 2014

10 Easy Ways to Promote Your Trip

Whether your tour is exploring the vibrancy of San Francisco’s Pier 39, walking along the historic cobblestone streets of Boston’s Beacon Hill, or anywhere in-between, you and your travelers are in for an unforgettable experience.

All you need to do now is hold onto that excitement and start spreading the word!

To help you figure out the best way to tell travelers about your trip, we asked tour consultant Justin Grolley.

Justin has teamed up with a number of educators to help them get students just as excited as they are about the upcoming journey. Here are some of their tried and true methods for getting travelers signed up!

1. Host a parent meeting 

The best way to promote your trip is by having a parent meeting. This is your chance to showcase all of the incredible sites their kids will see and give them a chance to ask any questions they may have. Plus, we can even lead the meeting for you via WebEx! All you need is a computer with internet connection and we take over the rest.

To spread the word about your parent meeting, chat with your tour consultant. They have access to a wide variety of materials and ideas to make sure your meeting is well-attended.

2. Recruit a Student Travel Ambassador 

Explorers from Texas taking in the beauty of Puerto Rico!

Explorers from Texas taking in the beauty of Puerto Rico!

A Student Travel Ambassador is a great way for you to encourage those who are already super excited about your tour to play a larger role in promoting the trip. Ambassadors can help promote meetings, talk about the trip, build buzz around the school, and generate some excitement among their friends. In addition to allowing you to focus your attention on other tour aspects, it is also beneficial to the student ambassador by helping to make their resume stand out, fulfilling volunteering or community service hours, and giving them a leadership role in the planning process.

3. Tell your colleagues

Your colleagues can be an amazing resource when promoting your trip – especially any who are chaperoning! Getting more educators involved can expand your reach by spreading the word to students that are unique to their class. And they can constantly reinforce the idea of trip to get everyone excited.

4. Pitch a story to your school or community newspaper

Parents and students alike use the school or community newspaper to keep up-to-date on everything. Whether it’s placing an ad in the paper or talking to a reporter about your story, we’re here to help. If this is something you would like to do, we take care of most of the work! Talk to your tour consultant and we can get the ball rolling!

5. Show off photos from a previous tour

A picture is worth a 1,000 words. Sharing pictures of everyone having a great time on previous tours will definitely help to boost excitement about the trip – not to mention they are sentimental memories that will be with you for the long haul.

Students visiting Mount Vernon

Students visiting Mount Vernon

6. Create a sense of community with a trip Facebook page

Nowadays, both kids and parents are more connected than ever! By creating a trip Facebook page, you will help to get important information out quickly and help to remind travelers and parents of all things tour related. Post pictures from previous tours, encourage your travelers to share what they’re doing to get ready for the trip. If you’re looking for fun travel tips, trivia and inspiration don’t forget to visit our Facebook page to share posts directly to your group!

7. Quickly send a message using the Remind App

Many schools have a way to get in contact with everyone’s parents via a mass messaging system. The Remind App is one useful resource to have in your planning arsenal.

Remind lets you easily message a group of students and parents all at once. It’s simple to use, safe, and gets the word out. Students and parents sign up to receive your reminders, and then they get your messages as texts or emails. You can even attach files, like photos, PDFs and more. Plus, Remind is private—you never see the students’ phone numbers and they never see yours.

8. Bring in tour alumni

Students value the opinions of their friends and classmates. Talk to some of your past travelers and ask them to share their tour experience at your next parent meeting.  It adds a personal touch and helps potential travelers and parents see what a powerful impact the trip will have on them.

9. Leverage your school website

Doing their best Statue of Liberty!

Doing their best Statue of Liberty!

Parents often use a school’s website to stay up-to-date with what is going on at school. Talk to your IT department about adding some information about your upcoming trip and let travelers know to get in touch with you if they want more information.

10. Hang posters in high traffic areas

Posters are an effective way of catching your students’ attention. When it comes time to spread the word about your parent meeting, hang up the posters your tour consultant sends in high traffic areas around school. These posters will have space for you to write in all of the important information about the meeting so you can rest easy knowing the word is getting out without you having to tell everyone!


Your upcoming student tour will truly be a life-changing experience for you and your travelers. These tried and true tips for spreading the word about your tour are an incredible way to get you a running start to share that excitement with your students. For more information about any of these tips or to get completely new ones, just give your tour consultant a call at 800.503.2323.