Wednesday 18 Mar, 2015

A $500,000 Experience Your Students Will Remember

Imagine this…

You’re a student on a class trip to New York City. Your Tour Director is Mitch, local New Yorker and all-around educational guru. And right now, during your guided tour of Midtown, Mitch brings you to Tiffany and Co.’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue.

As you walk through the stainless steel doors, you notice the millions of dollars worth of rings, necklaces, earrings—and of course Tiffany and Co.’s legendary diamonds—that surround you.

So how do you find out what makes them so legendary? You check them out for yourself of course.

This unique educational experience is something that Mitch includes on all his tours as a way for students to move beyond their comfort zone and to simply try something new and unexpected that you can only do in New York City.

“I encourage them to go in there and try on a $500,000 dollar bracelet. Why simply just listen to me? When I tell students a number, they don’t know what $500,000 looks like. I tell them to try it on. Think about if it’s worth it? Why is it different? Is it the cut? The color? Feel the weight of it. What does $500,000 feel like?”

And how do the students approach it?

“They’re nervous at first,” Mitch says, “but the salespeople are the most affable and polite people. It’s a great experience and I have them always try something on. So they can see what these things are and experience something different.”

Now imagine experiences like this happening on every EF Explore America tour. Whether you’re on an educational tour to D.C., Puerto Rico or the Grand Canyon, your students will transform their perspectives through experiential opportunities, similar to Mitch’s lesson at Tiffany’s, and leave them excited for more.

The only thing left is turn imagination into reality.

Traveler  standing in front of 5th avenue sign on educational tour