Tuesday 3 Mar, 2015

Instantly Share Your Perfect Postcard

In addition to the great travel gifts you pick up for friends and family, make sure to capture a personalized moment or two on camera.

Pictures are one of the best ways to remember all of the exciting moments from your trip and now, with the EF Explorer postcard app, you can customize those pictures and share instantly.

3 ways to share:

  • Social Media

Want to share with all your friends and family in a minute or less? Just select the option to share your finished postcard on your social media profile and, viola, you’re set.

  • Email

If everyone on your list doesn’t have a social media profile, or you only want to share with specific friends and family, email is the way to go. Just enter in the email address(es) of who you want to send it to and away it goes.

  • U.S. Mail 

In addition to sharing on social or emailing your newly created card, iPhone users have the option in the app to send it through U.S. mail without needing to go to a post office. Coming soon for Android users!

So whether it’s that picture with you and your friends in the middle of Times Square or that really cool angle you captured at your stop in front of the White House, you are in charge of crafting your perfect postcard.

Remember to use #EFExplorer when sharing and we will highlight some of our favorites on our social media!

Download the app for free:









Here’s a few postcards to get your inspiration flowing!