Thursday 9 Apr, 2015

Desktop Inspiration: Grand Canyon

Considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the vastness of the Grand Canyon is something else.

270 miles long. 18 miles wide. 1 mile deep. Home to humans for millennia, this wonder is a living, evolving memoir written by nature. The rock wall’s layers tell the story of Earth’s history which understandably captivate it’s nearly 5 million yearly visitors.

Traveling to wonders like this change you. Time and again, our travelers tell inspirational stories of the self-transformation they experience on their educational student tours. These journeys teach travelers about the world they live in through first-hand experience. They gently remove the comfort zone of your normal day-to-day and revitalize you in ways you may not have known you were missing.

In celebration of this self-transformation, we’ve created the Explorer-isms series. We hope these fuel your passion for challenging yourself to see and experience as much as you can in the world.

Download your Grand Canyon desktop background