Tuesday 14 Apr, 2015

Ford’s Theatre: 150 Years After Lincoln

April 14 marks the 150th year since President Lincoln’s assassination. In honor of his life and the contributions he made to this country, Ford’s Theatre is featuring an around-the-clock series of events that students on educational tours to Washington, D.C. should be on the lookout for!

From 9 a.m. Tuesday through 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, you’ll find local historians recounting the tale of President Lincoln’s final days. Spinning tales from first-person perspectives, visitors will learn about the end of the Civil War, what the theatre was like when Lincoln was assassinated and his final moments at the Petersen House.

Ford’s Theatre isn’t the only venue honoring one of America’s most famous presidents. For travelers visiting the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery on Tuesday, you’ll have the chance to check out two different screenings:

Looking to check out the full schedule of events? Visit The Lincoln Tribute’s line up.

Presidential Box at Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C.

The box is setup the same as the night President Lincoln was assassinated, including the original picture of George Washington hanging in the front.


Photo credit: Tim Evanson via Flickr