Tuesday 2 Jun, 2015

How to Create an Awesome Travel Video – EF Video Pro Tips

Picture this…You are in the heart of New York standing on top of the world. This is the first time you’ve ever traveled to a city like this, and here you are standing atop the Empire State Building, more than 1,000 feet above the ground. You look around and soak in everything that is surrounding you. Your imagination couldn’t recreate this if it tried, so you grab your phone and turn on its video camera. Then you slowly scan the area to capture on film everything the city has to offer – beauty, history, culture and more.

Capturing your experiences through film and photography is a big part of traveling, and we love seeing the world through the student lens. So with the help of EF’s video team, we created a video series that highlights some of their pro tips and best practices for when you’re traveling, filming with your smart phone. Covering everything from framing, to exposure and camera movements, they’re here to help you figure out how to create an absolutely awesome travel video.

After you’ve returned home and created your own travel video, be sure to share it with us on YouTube by tagging your video with “EF Explore America.” Maybe we’ll share your travel video on Facebook or even ask to use your footage in one of our future EF videos.

EF Video Producer Hamo walks you through his five step plan for preparing your phone for successful videos when traveling.

EF Video Shooters and Editors Brendan and Will explain how adjusting the orientation, perspective, and composition of your frame can lead to better shots.

Will breaks down exposure and explains how adapting to your light source by accurately positioning the camera leads to a clear, evenly-lit image.

Camera Movements
EF Video Intern Bubba and Executive Producer Rachel illustrate how you can apply a bit more creativity and artistry to your videos through simple movements like pans, tilts, tracking and reveals.  

Selfies vs. Friendies
Best bros forever, Will and Brendan, discuss what’s on everyone’s mind: selfies vs. friendies.