Thursday 23 Jul, 2015

Cunard Cruise Lines Celebrates its 175th Anniversary with Queen Mary 2

Earlier this month Boston celebrated an historic anniversary with royalty in attendance – the RMS Queen Mary 2! Alright, so this ship may not actually be royalty, but it is still remarkable in its own right.

Cunard Cruise Lines, who owns the Queen Mary 2, made its first US port of call in Boston 175 years ago with the Britannia, one of England’s first ocean-built steamships. At that time, transatlantic voyages weren’t about the joys of travel. They were specifically a way for European immigrants to journey across the ocean to search for opportunity and a new beginning in the United States.


Now, almost two centuries later, Cunard is still crossing the Atlantic. Queen Mary 2, operating between Southampton, England and New York City, is considered the fleet’s flagship vessel, and rightfully so. Built in 2003, with 40% more steel than a standard cruise ship, the Queen Mary 2 was the largest passenger ship until Royal Caribbean built Freedom of the Seas in 2006. Although it may no longer be the biggest, it is still one of the fastest, cruising at a speed of 26 knots (30 mph)!

Marking the festivities, a firework display was held over Boston and the magnificent 1,132 ft. ship before it departed Sunday night. Adding to the celebration, on November 25th, the Queen Mary 2 will leave New York making its 250th transatlantic crossing.

What makes the Queen Mary 2 so incredible?
• When first launched in 2003, it was the largest, longest, widest, tallest, and (of course) most expensive passenger ship on the waters
• It had the first planetarium at sea
• It is the only ship still making transatlantic voyages between Southampton and New York
• It is nearly three times the tonnage of the Titanic
• The ship boasts 5 pools, several tennis courts, a theater, and a 3D cinema, among other attractions

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