Friday 11 Sep, 2015

A True Quebec Treat: French Fries, Cheese Curds and Gravy

Yes, this is a real combination. And yes, you can sample all kinds of variations at the upcoming Great Montreal Poutinefest.

That’s right, on September 17th through the 20th, Le Smoking BBQ Festco has organized a tasty get-together for locals and travelers alike to come together and savor this rich fast-food dish. There will be food stands, exhibitors, Quebec artists, various attractions, shows and street performers all gathered to make sure you have an awesome time as you sample a little (or a lot) of poutine.

It’s hard to find someone in Canada who doesn’t know what poutine is. Its popularity is pretty impressive considering it only started in rural Quebec in the late 1950’s. Over the years, it’s spread throughout the province, followed by most of Canada. Now you can find poutine in most diners and pubs as well as the roadside “chip wagons” or “potato shacks.” In addition to these places, it’s a common for fast food chains in Canada, like McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King to offer poutine.4917517949_3df25b17ac_b Although it may look like a messy combination of food thrown together, timing is everything for poutine. To keep your fries from getting soggy, the cheese curd and gravy are added right before the dish is served to customers. This keeps the cheese from melting too much before you have the chance to eat it – texture is everything in sampling this dish!

It’s even more delicious when you learn that there are dozens of variations that you can create. Some restaurants offer poutine with such toppings as sausage, chicken, bacon, or Montreal-style smoked meat. Yes, please.

If you’re on an educational student tour to Montreal, make sure you get the chance to sample this delicious local staple and share your experience with our travel community by posting pictures on our Facebook page or tagging them with #EFExplorer on Instagram!

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