Friday 18 Sep, 2015

Fenway Park Goes Extra Green

Although there won’t be any fall baseball at Fenway Park this year, there will be a fall harvest. The oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball got little greener this spring with the addition of an organic garden along the third base concourse. For some time fans had been demanding healthier food options, which sparked the idea to transform what was once a bleak and empty rooftop into a 5,000 square foot garden. With the help and hard work of Green City Growers and Recover Green Roofs, the roof was covered in turf and a variety of vegetables were planted in milk crates.Fenway FarmsThe garden was planted a few weeks before opening day. Early estimates figured that Fenway Farms would harvest over 4,000 pounds of produce by the end of the growing season. But they’re on their way to surpassing that number. As of August, the garden had already turned out more than 3,000 pounds of produce. Most of these fresh veggies go to the EMC Club restaurant at Fenway Park, where the chefs prepare fresh salads made from the kale, cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers grown just hundreds of feet away from the restaurant’s front door. Extra produce is also used by some of the food vendors in and around the park.

But Fenway Farms isn’t just about great food. The garden has an educational benefit as well. This well-loved and historic stadium has a very persuasive platform to work from, and they hope to use that advantage to promote valuable lessons in sustainability, healthy eating, and environmentalism with local youth. Besides vegetables being good for you, you may be asking yourself, “what else can I learn from a garden?” Not only does this rooftop garden help clear the city’s air of carbon dioxide, but it also acts as insulation for the building on which it grows, reducing costs for heating and cooling.

The baseball season at Fenway is almost over, but you can still see this garden for yourself and share it with your students. Fenway Farms is the newest stop on a tour of the park!

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