Friday 12 Feb, 2016

Valentine’s Day in the Heart of New York City

The City That Never Sleeps, the Big Apple, Empire City – no matter what you call it, New York City is one of the biggest destinations for travelers from all over the world. At the core of this tourist magnet you can find the world’s highest index of selfie-sticks per capita: Times Square. With bright lights, street performers and seas of people, finding a moment of calmness may sometimes seem nearly impossible. But this Valentine’s Day, the designers from Collective-LOK are giving Times Square visitors the chance to get some privacy while still being at the heart of the action.

Every year, the Times Square Alliance holds a competition, inviting artists and design groups to submit proposals for a Valentine’s Day inspired art installation. This February, the architects and designers at Collective-LOK’s were selected as the winners. The structure, which debuted on February 9th, was built to resemble a Valentine classic: a string of paper hearts. The only difference is that this one is 10 feet tall and made of reflective aluminum.Times Square Facebook

Collective-LOK set out to achieve the seemingly impossible task of creating a private room within Times Square. But “Heart of Hearts” does just that. The Times Square Alliance describes the installation as “a faceted ring of twelve golden, mirrored hearts, which makes an alternative pavilion that reflects and multiplies the pulsating activity of Times Square, creating a kaleidoscopic interior that dissolves the boundaries between viewing and performing.”

Looks like the most bustling places in the world just got a little more romantic! From everyone here at EF Explore America, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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