Whether it’s the hallowed grounds or stunning views, our National Parks can take your breath away. Check out these posts to learn more about the National Parks and our student trips that travel there.

The Grand Canyon At Sunrise

Get Wild In The Grand Canyon

This Saturday, May 18 marks the Grand Canyon National Park’s 6th annual Celebrate Wildlife Day. Visitors will have the chance… Read more

Grand Canyon Minutes before SunRise

Go Grand Or Go Home

Think of the Grand Canyon and images of hiking, warm weather and desert creatures are sure to cross your mind…. Read more

Grand Canyon Minutes before SunRise

Real Life Is Grand

A wise man once said, “There’s no substitute for real life.” He might have been talking about butter vs. faux-butter,… Read more

Wonders of the World - 12.29.2010

Wonders of the world

Did you know that the Great Pyramid of Giza is the only surviving “wonder” of the ancient world? Many centuries… Read more